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JKWD Podcast

Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas! Sleep expert Camille Nisich joins us to talk about the benefits (and necessity) of sleep. She teaches us how to figure out exactly how much sleep each of us needs, how to maximize your sleep, when the best time to head to bed is, and she chastises Josh and Kelvin for their sleep sins. There's a lot of...

Dec 18, 2017

Why does it seem that people who make resolutions are so often not very resolute? As we approach New Year's resolution season, we take a close look at some of the pitfalls of surrounding making changes around the changing of the calendar, and we make some resolutions for each other. Full show notes...

Dec 11, 2017

Are you having trouble finding your purpose in life? Did you know you can choose your purpose instead? Full show notes at

Dec 4, 2017

Are you looking to change something in your life? You might have to go deep — all the way to your beliefs. Full show notes at

Nov 27, 2017

Most of the people you know have enough stuff, but you can never have enough experiences. Thinking about gifts for the holidays? Experiences are your ticket. Full show notes at